Poetry of Victoria Ramsey

Victoria Ramsey - Time poem

As the eagles soar and time goes by
I have to ask the question, "Where am I?"

Where am I in the midst of all creation?
Where am I in the mind of Great Sprit’s imagination?

Am I in the place I am supposed to be
Or is this place only of self-service to me?

Many years I have been on this earth,
Seems like just yesterday was the day of my birth.

Adolescent, teen and young adult years have all gone
Middle-aged and older have I grown.

But the best years are yet to be
Because they will continue to be filled with great Spirituality.

More time to worship and soak up the son,
More time to listen to nature and with earth be one.

For when I am still and in reverence to all creation
Then there is no doubt of where I am in Great Spirit’s imagination.

For peace within is given to me
And the peace He gives is given free.

Victoria Ramsey - No More Running poem
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